Our Faculty and Staff

Our experienced teachers strive to apply Waldorf ideals to the daycare setting. We are committed to enlivening our work and eliciting enthusiasm through artistic expression.  We work to create a safe and cozy environment for the young child, using materials that are from the earth. Our rooms are warm and beautiful, with space to move and climb in a safe way. We sing and laugh as frequently as possible. We understand that our children need safety, comfort and beauty in order to grow well. They need to feel that the world is a good place. We strive to create classrooms infused with love and joy where children are cared for with warmth and respect.

Allison Connor
Executive Director 


Allison Connor has been working with young children since 1989.  She has the NH credentials for both early childhood  teacher and administrator.  She taught the preschool at Applewood Learning Center in Londonderry, NH, and later the kindergarten at Holy Cross Early Childhood Center in Manchester, NH. She has also worked as a Doula for many years, supporting women and their families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 
 In 2012, she became the Administrative Director at Holy Cross, collaborating with colleagues and parents on curriculum and individual needs of the children, while also overseeing enrollment, marketing and the school budget.  
      Allison joined A Child's Nature as Executive Director in December 2014.  She is very excited to have the opportunity to work with the parents and teachers at A Child's Nature to help the center grow and flourish.







Rosario Mitusio-Wright
Lead Teacher, Sunflower 
Pre-school Class 

Rosario Mitusio-Wright was born in Bolivia and moved to California in 1977. In 1982, she received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood and began her work in various teaching modalities: Montessori,ProgressiveAlternative, Private and Public Schools. In 1988 she discovered Waldorf education and started assisting in the Kindergarten at Highland Hall Waldorf School.  She completed her Early Childhood Waldorf Certificate and the Early Childhood Directors Course at UCLA in 1991.  That same year, she took a position as the Kindergarten teacher and Director of the Santa Monica Waldorf School. In 1993, Rosario opened A Place To Play,  a Waldorf-inspired home program, into which her child was born. In 2001, she went to work at  her child's school, The Waldorf City School of Los Angeles, as the Kindergarten teacher and Director of the Early childhood program.
      In 2009, Rosario moved to NH to work in a community for disable adults, and for her daughter to attend High Mowing Waldorf High School. In 2012, she discovered the Pine Hill Child Care Center and joined as the Lead Teacher and mentor of the Toddler Classroom. This also lead to teaching the pre-school/nursery class at Pine Hill. In September of 2013, she had to go to California to care for her elderly Aunt. Now that Rosario is back, she has rejoined the Center working with the Pre-school children and bringing her Waldorf expertise as a mentor to the center as a whole. She is delighted to be here at A Child's Nature doing what she loves.

Jo-Ann Maxwell
Associate Teacher, Sunflower
Pre-school Class 


Jo-Ann Maxwell is delighted to join the Staff of A Child’s Nature. She brings her experience of Waldorf Education, gained through working at the Pine Hill Waldorf School for ten years. She served in the office and the school's medical room for seven years.  Jo-Ann spent four years as the Pine Hill Summer Program assistant teacher and Kindergarten substitute teacher, and supported the young children in the school's aftercare program.
       Jo-Ann has expanded her knowledge of Waldorf education over the years through a Waldorf Summer Renewal course and other workshops. This year, Jo-Ann successfully attended child development classes at Sophia's Hearth Family Center and is currently enrolled at Manchester Community College to continue her child development education.
       Jo-Ann grew up in Massachusetts. As a youth, Jo-Ann co-created, held a board of director’s position, and graduated from an accredited alternative high school. She has devoted the last 19 years to human development work as a mother, artist and actively involved parent. Jo-Ann has held many volunteer roles at Pine Hill, including Parent Council Liaison for eight years and Auction Chair for four years. Jo-Ann lives in Amherst with her husband, Brad, and their two daughters, both of whom are successful graduates of Pine Hill Waldorf School.

Nathan Arnold
Associate Teacher, Sunflower
Pre-school Class 

Nathan IMG_6128v2 crop.jpg

Nathan Arnold is 28 years old and has worked with children of all ages for many years. He graduated from ConVal High School in 2004 and Johnson State College of Vermont in December 2008 with a BA in Creative Writing. At JSC, Nathan worked for 2 years at the on-campus pre-school (ages 2-6years). After graduation, he worked for the ConVal District as a substitute teacher, working in any classroom from preschool to high school and everything in between. Nathan also worked at the Pine Hill Child Care Center as a district one-on-one assistant for a special needs student before joining staff in both our toddler and preschool classrooms as both full and part time Associate Teacher
     Nathan completed the Masters of Education Degree program at Franklin Pierce University this spring of 2014. His goal is to work in public middle or high school students, but until then, he is happy to join A Child’s Nature and return to many familiar faces. He enjoys listening to and occasionally playing music, reading and writing fiction, exercising, and Native American history, culture, arts and crafts.


Lynne Pentler    
Lead Birth-to-Three Teacher, Bluebell Infant/Toddler class

Lynne IMG_0329 adjcrop2.jpeg

Lynne Pentler experienced Waldorf education from the parental side as her daughter attended Pine Hill from kindergarten through eighth grade. She believes that the protective nurturing of Waldorf-style education and parenting prepares the children to go off into the world with confidence and compassion.  Lynne has a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Biochemistry, as well as being NH lead teacher qualified. She has worked in a variety of jobs from research in biology labs and technical writing, to co-managing a retail arts and toy store at the Pine Hill Waldorf School.  
     Her prior teaching experience consists of four years at a more traditional preschool, four years as a special education aide at the middle school level, and a lot of volunteer work in the classrooms at Pine Hill. Lynne joined the Pine Hill Child Care Center in summer of 2006  as an Associate Teacher working with all of the age groups.  In 2010, she became the Lead Teacher of the Infant Program caring for babies aged 6 weeks to 18 months, and in 2012 she completed the early childhood training certificate at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center specializing in the child from birth to three. 

Carol Busch    
Associate Teacher, Bluebell
Infant/Toddler class

Carol Busch graduated from ConVal High School in 2009 with a certificate from the Early Childhood Education Program. Having done her internship at the Pine Hill Child Care Center, Carol continued as a summer hire to grow herself as a student and teacher. She is very excited to have a permanent fulltime position in work she loves. Carol has been an Associate Teacher in all of  the classrooms at the Pine Hill Child Care Center and was happy to be part of the toddler team for four years. In Summer 2012, Carol began working with the older children in the summer program for grades children and also as a Preschool support teacher. While working, she completed enough college courses to be a qualified Lead teacher.
    In 2014, Carol rejoined the center, as Infant teacher in the Bluebell cottage.  Carol hopes to be the best teacher she can be with help from her co-workers, the parents, and of course the children.


Erica Slater    
Associate Teacher, Bluebell Infant/Toddler class

Erica Slater began work with A Child’s Nature at its inception in July 2013, but had worked for the Pine Hill Child Care Center since July of 2012. During that year, Erica completed her Child Development Certification at ConVal High School, which included a one-year internship in the toddler room of the Pine Hill Child Care Center working with children ages 18 months to 3 years. Graduating from ConVal High School in June of 2013, Erica received 6 early childhood credits from Nashua Community College.
       In her spare time, Erica works for A Child’s Nature families in their homes, and loves to go fishing with her friends. Erica will further her education in the care and teaching of the young child and looks forward to continuing her career at A Child’s Nature.



Jenny Maxwell
Assistant Teacher, Floater for both classes 

Jenny Maxwell attended Pine Hill Waldorf School and graduated from Souhegan High School. She is currently a sophomore at Nashua Community College majoring in psychology and human services. She has enjoyed working at children's camps in the summer.


Allison Jimenez
Assistant Teacher, Floater for both classes 

Allison Jimenez graduated from High Mowing Waldorf High School and is taking a year off to explore careers. In addition to working with children, she is interested in pursuing vocal music, especially singing jazz.





Gail Agans
Office Manager

Gail Agans has held the books since the founding of A Child’s Nature in July 2013. She joined the Pine Hill Child Care Center staff September 2011 and has worked at the Pine Hill Waldorf School since 2003. Having supported the collaboration of the Pine Hill Child Care Center and Pine Hill for many years in synching the two schools’ books, Gail was delighted to take on the full business role of the office. Gail is committed to the work of A Child’s Nature and finds the balance between a busy office, congenial workplace and service-oriented mission very satisfying. 
     Originally from Newton, MA, Gail graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain 4,000 Footer Club. Gail's daughters are both graduates of the Pine Hill Waldorf School.




Note from a new young teacher:

“This past week working has been great!  I am loving what I am experiencing at A Child's Nature.  Adjusting to a new center doesn't happen overnight, yet I am feeling more and more confident with the ins and outs of ACN.  This environment is a great place to work with children to guide them as they grow.  I foresee this as a great opportunity to grow and develop more teaching skills in new and different ways than I have had to before.”  Heather