Grades Children (Earth Children)

Before /After School  Extended Day and Summer Program


This school-age group begins the day with the full range of children including babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The children play together, do household chores, or have a morning snack before catching the bus to Peterborough Elementary School. The kindergarten children arrive first to have lunch, a story and outdoor play. The older children then arrive to make nutritious snacks and then it is time for artistic activities, homework and outdoor play! The grades children have full day care during school year closures as well as the summer nature-based program.

For this summer of 2013, grade school age children will be combined with the preschoolers in a family-style mixed-age group, the Summer Sun Children.  Together they will explore the near-by forest,  build forts, make crafts with natural objects they find, and ....