Our Program


A Child’s Nature provides flexible, full and half day care and education for children of diverse backgrounds. Surrounded by goodness, truth and beauty, our children achieve their full potential through daily outdoor adventures, purposeful work, artistic experiences and imaginative play with a curriculum inspired by the principles of Waldorf education. Through close personal relationships with caregivers, teachers and nature, our children grow into capable, caring individuals who can step out into the world with confidence.

Imagine a setting which so envelops children in nurturance and warmth that they come to view the staff as an extension of family. This is the goal of A Child’s Nature. True human care for the infant and young child includes diligent attention to the creation of an environment which optimally suits the child’s development. 

The loving warmth exuded by our teachers extends to the provision of beautiful, calm classrooms with limitless opportunities for the young child to imagine, explore, and invent through play and work. Through the mastery of age-appropriate tasks which have been carefully woven into the curriculum to build skill and competence, the child grows from infancy to school age with all of the necessary faculties for success in school life.

Our philosophy blends developmental and educational insights brought to us through Waldorf Education along with modern research in institutional child care founded in the work of Dr. Emmie Pikler, Founder of the Loczy Institute in Hungary, as well as the work of Magda Gerber, Founder of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers). Our philosophy of education is different from other streams of education in that the main focus of the teacher is not to impart information, but to awaken capacities. Education is thus an artistic activity, where the teacher must sense the needs of the individuals and the group, adapt the developmentally-based curriculum to meet their needs, and then present lessons or activities in a a way that enlivens children.

For the young child, the emphasis is on imaginative play, practical work, outdoor adventures, and artistic activities - all modeled by upright and joyous adults. We strive to awaken a sense of reverence for life in every child, building a foundation of good health in all realms: physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. The child educated and cared for in a setting such as ours is valued for her/his gifts and learns consideration and kindness for others through group work with the guidance of caring adults. It is our belief that consistency paired with warm, long-lasting relationships, are necessary elements for a healthy, developing child. It's in the security of these carefully cultivated relationships that children will find freedom to learn about the world.

Our wish is to ennoble a new generation of children who will grow up with less anxiety, more security and more self-confidence, becoming strong, capable world citizens.