Pre-school/Kindergarten (Sun Children) 


Now ready for the full complement of activities, this age group will cook, bake, draw, watercolor paint, finger knit, sew, model with beeswax, sand and oil wood projects and have a daily seasonal circle. Each day will feature plenty of free play indoors and out, to enjoy friends and savor the pleasure of togetherness. The children will be treated to daily stories told by the teacher, as well as occasional puppet plays.


A Typical Sun Room Daily Rhythm 

7:00am Arrivals begin in Star Room

7:30am Sun Children to the Sun Room

7:45am Morning activity and Free Play

  • Monday:  Drawing
  • Tuesday:  Bun Making
  • Wednesday:  Veggie Chopping
  • Thursday:  Painting
  • Friday: Classroom Cleaning

9:00am Circle

9:30am Snack of the Day

  • Monday: Rice, butter& tamari
  • Tuesday: Oatmeal, butter & maple syrup
  • Wednesday: Buns, butter & cheese
  • Thursday: Soup & buns
  • Friday: Millett, butter, sesame seeds & tamari

10:00am Clean-up and Bathroom

10:30am Outdoor Play and Walk

12:10pm Playground Time and Bathroom

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Clean-up and Nap Prep

1:15pm Story

1:30pm Nap Time

2:00pm Awake to own Rhythm then Quiet Activities

3:30pm Snack

4:00pm Afternoon Crafts and Outside Play

5:30pm Final Farewells


Circle Time Opening Song

Let’s make a circle that is round like the sun.   (For gathering children, Circle holding hands)     
  Let’s make a circle that includes everyone.

Good morning golden sunshine;   (Arms make sun over head)
Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm
You’re looking through my window fine. 

The birds fly out and sing so gay,   (Wave hands like birds) 
Tutoo, tutooo, tutooo,
And thank the Lord for this fine day.   (Arms cross, and bow)

Down is the Earth, (Stamp and right hand points down) 
And up is the sky.   (Point up)
Here are all my friends, (Point around circle)
And here am I.  (Cross arms and squat down)

I build a house, I build a house,   (Stand up slowly, arms making flat boards)
I build it up so high.
Point the chimney to the sky.  (Arms straight up)
Here’s the roof,  (Hands together make pointed roof over head )  
And there’s the floor.  (Bend and right hand show flat floor)
And here’s a little golden door.   (Turn doorknob)

Come with me, and you will hear  (Beckon with hand.)
 What the fairies said to me there.

Seasonal songs, verses and games will follow this introduction.

Additional Sun Room Information as PDF files