Family Barbecue & Summer Solstice Celebration

5:00 to 7:00 pm

This June we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of A Child's Nature being at Pine Hill.
Local families with young children are invited to join A Child's Nature families (especially grandparents) and teachers for a traditional summer barbeque. It is held outdoors in the Bluebell play yard, which is decorated with flowers and flags for the occasion.  Fruit and other salads are pot luck, while grilled chicken, hot dogs and veggie burgers are provided by our board.

High summer is a time of bright sunshine, energy, growth, and enjoying the natural world outdoors.  For our summer solstice festival, the children hear to a story celebrating life and then reach deep into the earth to feel Mother Earth's heartbeat.  We have a small fire and send wishes and blessings for a better world high into the sky.

“Hodieh, it is Mid-Summer's Day!  
Flowers red as fire;
The sun can go no higher.
Hodieh, it is Mid-Summer's Day!”