Annual Giving Campaign 2013 a Success

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed for their wonderful showing of support to help develop our outdoor program at our new home in Wilton. We are also very grateful to our anonymous Matching Donor. We were able to match $4,610, bringing our total Annual Giving Campaign to $9,220! 

Preschoolers snow_IMG_7865med.jpeg

This spring will bring 20 children’s buckets and scoops, several swings, a slide and more sand. We will also build some raised beds for our flowers, herbs and small vegetable garden. We look forward to some natural musical play additions as well.
This fund raising will help sustain the growth of our center as a unique, whole child program for working families.  Within four months, A Child's Nature is now serving 16 children (seven Infants/Toddlers and seven preschoolers, as well as two of Pine Hill's kindergarten children in the late afternoons), and more families continue to explore our services. 

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