Pine Hill Holiday Fair

Friday, December 6th, 6:30 - 9:30 PM  & Saturday December 7th,  10 AM - 4PM

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 Friday evening is a special shopping event for adults only. Saturday, the marketplace reopens to the whole family, and the children’s events begin. Experience a variety of seasonal activities, children’s crafts, storytelling, puppet shows, and circus performances.
For more about the Holiday Fair, see the Pine Hill website.  

Stop by our information table to talk about childcare in this beautiful, joyful setting for your child.



Family Soup Night & Martinmas Lantern Walk

Friday, November 8th,
 5:30PM to 7:30 PM

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Local families with young children are welcome to join A Child's Nature families and teachers for a simple shared meal of vegetable soup and home-made buns,  and then experience our Fall Lantern Walk together outdoors.  This celebration brings light into the coming darkness of winter.  Children, parents and teachers walk along a candle-lit path out in the night, singing and carrying lanterns that the children have made.  This event is free.   Meet us at the Bluebell Cottage.

  “I walk with my little lantern, My lantern, myself, and I. 
Up yonder bright little stars shine; Down here we're stars for the sky . . .”

Learn more about The Story of St. Martin and our Lantern Walk, featured on our Festivals page.
Lantern Walk Song Sheet (PDF)