September - Michaelmas (Fall Equinox)


Michaelmas is the festival of Saint Michael, the Archangel who cast Lucifer out of Heaven. The legend of Saint George and the Dragon is often told at this time.  Michaelmas comes at the fall equinox and so is a time of change. After a more relaxed summer, the brisk weather calls out a renewed energy. It can be a time of gathering harvests and gathering inner strength to overcome challenges, conquering the dragons in life.  

A Child's Nature families and teachers join Pine Hill for their Michaelmas celebration. Our children dress up in golden capes of courage, watch Pine Hill's all-school pageant about conquering a Dragon, and enjoy a snack at the big school. Then we return to our play yard for some outdoor work, such as planting bulbs, and play.

“A knight and a lady went riding one day,  Far into the forest, away, away.
Fair knight said the lady, 'I pray have a care,  
This forest is evil beware,beware.'
A firery red dragon they sped on the grass. The lady wept sorely, alias , alas.  
The knight slew the dragon, the lady was gay.  They rod on together, away, away.