Welcome to A Child’s Nature ChildCare Center

A Child's Nature offers families in the Monadnock and Souhegan communities a unique, whole-child program of loving care for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. We care for every part of a child's nature. Guided by the principles of Waldorf education, A Child's Nature strives to educate the whole child: heart, hands, mind and spirit.  Our daily schedule includes two to four hours of outdoor play. We provide opportunities for children to imagine, explore and invent through play and work. A strong focus on community ensures that children feel their worthiness both in the classroom and in the world.

Infant, Toddler, Preschool and After-school Classes

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We are a new daycare center located on the beautiful wooded campus of the Pine Hill Waldorf School in Wilton, NH.

  • Integrated Full Day childcare program
  • Ages 6 weeks to 5 years old  
  • Open 6:45 am to 5:30 pm, weekdays, YEAR-ROUND
    (Closed for only 5 major holidays and a winter break) 
  • OPEN ALL SUMMER June, July & August, your choice of weeks
  • Flexible scheduling with 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day options
  • Before and after school care for children up to age 14.
  • Less than 2 miles off Route 101, convenient for working parents commuting to Nashua, Milford or Peterborough.  
  • NH DHHS licensed, able to serve low and moderate income families by accepting state financial aid.

Surround your child with goodness, beauty and the joyous fun that every child deserves.  

For more information or to enroll, please call our Director, Peggy Waterhouse:
 (603) 654-2662 or (603) 933-2231
email: contact@achildsnature.org

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Our Preschool Summer Program in the Children's Village

For the summer, our preschool/ mixed-age class is located in the Pine Hill Children's Village across from the pond.  We are sharing the building and large play area with Pine Hill's Summer Garden Camp and providing before and after care services for them.  Our children get to challenge themselves with new climbing structures and play imaginatively in the forest play area, find turtles and bullfrogs in the pond, and visit the cows and pigs at the farm right next door.  WE STILL HAVE OPENINGS FOR THE SUMMER!
Read more about A Child's Nature Summer Program (Infant/toddler and Mixed-age groups)   

Welcome to Antioch families 

A number of children whose parents are enrolled in the Antioch Waldorf Teacher Training Program are joining our infant/ toddler class and our preschool/ mixed-age class for the month of July.  It is good to have you with us.


Our Home on the Pine Hill Campus


  This June, we celebrated our one-year anniversary of being at Pine Hill with a family barbeque and summer solstice festival attended by children, parents, grand parents and teachers. In 2013, the Pine Hill Waldorf School in Wilton NH offered A Child's Nature (formerly the Pine Hill Child Care Center in Peterborough NH) a new home on their campus. The Preschool class (The Sunflowers, ages 3 to 5 years) is housed at one end of the central building in a large, open classroom with a kitchen.  The Infant / Toddler class (The Bluebells, babies from 6 weeks old and toddlers up to 3 years) is in the homey Bluebell Cottage.  Both classes use the wonderful natural playground surrounding the Bluebell Cottage, while the older children also explore the nearby woods and trails.  For the summer, our preschool class is in the Pine Hill Children's Village, with even more adventures into the surrounding woods and the next-door farm.


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Our Mission

A Child’s Nature provides flexible, full-day child care and education for families of diverse backgrounds. Surrounded by goodness, truth and beauty, our children achieve their full potential through daily outdoor adventures, purposeful work, artistic experiences and imaginative play with a curriculum inspired by Waldorf education. Through close personal relationships with caregivers, teachers and nature, our children grow into capable, caring individuals who can step out into the wider world with confidence.

A Child’s Nature — Care and Education is a non-profit organization, with 501(c)(3) status, registered in Hillsborough County NH, Tax ID# 46-2288583.  Our childcare center, located on the Pine Hill campus in Wilton, is licensed by New Hampshire DHHS (#CCCB-06593), so we are able to serve moderate/low income families by accepting state financial aid.   

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings,
who are able of themselves to impart 
purpose and direction to their lives.”

   – Rudolf Steiner

What Our Parents Say: 

“The staff is outstanding, well-trained, and truly passionate about working with kids providing high-quality  childcare based on imagination and a community-rich model of early childhood education.  The Center's commitment to positive experience and wellbeing of the children is clear.”  –Kate

“My son has been with the teachers of A Child's Nature since he was 4 months old; he is 3 now.  When a new "state of the art" childcare facility opened close to my work we experimented with trying them part time. Our son's experience at this main stream facility was very traumatic. He went from an environment of love/ respect/ friendship to being a number ($$). After weeks working with the "state of the art" facility to try and overcome my son's newfound fear and depression caused by their environment, we returned him to A Child's Nature full time to help him heal his soul. Thanks to ACN he is back to being his happy and imaginative self. Every morning I leave him with a quick kiss and smile as he runs off to start his day of adventure at ACN. Our brief experience comparing the 2 types of daycares taught us a valuable lesson. The most expensive "state of the art" facility with shiny new toys cannot compare to the value of what ACN offers with nothing more than homemade projects, warm meals, walks outside and the care of people who NOTICE the children in their care. ACN is the family we have chosen to care for our child during the times of day when we cannot be there for him ourselves.” –Michelle

”Thank you kindly for the exceptional care and love you have provided this past year in the preschool room. Our son had a blast, everyday, playing with friends and "adventuring " with teachers. All the best as this wonderful program grows and grows.” –Kristen

What the community says about our Director, Peggy Waterhouse:
“What she offered touched everyone in attendance. Not only  the breadth of her knowledge was evident, but also the depth or extent to which she has internalized each stage of early childhood and ways to meet a child's needs at each stage. Above all, her warmth, passion, and presence were felt by all. She is a captivating speaker.” –Becky, Candice and Lisa, Co-leaders of Hillsborough County Holistic Moms Network 

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Oh Lynne, 

This photo is ADORABLE!


Thank you so much.  I can't tell you enough how very thankful I am that though the days were long for both of us, Carmen has had such an amazing and happy summer with you.  Your warmth in care is exceedingly uncommon and desperately needed for all children!  Carmen and I are both lucky to know you, and I can't wait for her to return next summer to you all!!


Best to you,


Again, I can't express how happy I am that Carmen could be at A Child's Nature and we miss you all already!    Annie

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