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Michaelmas Celebration & Work Day with Pine Hill School

Saturday, September 28, Michaelmas Pageant followed by an All-School Work Day.

Please join us, bedecked in your most brilliant red and yellow apparel, ready to enjoy the pageant and to help us beautify the campus. A delicious snack will follow the pageant. Each class will be assigned jobs for the work party. We will end by gathering together for a picnic. Each family should bring a picnic lunch for themselves.

The pageant will be outdoors, weather permitting. If it is raining then we will have our celebration in the auditorium.

We look forward to seeing you on September 28, ready to help Michael subdue the dragon!

-Bruce Darby for the Festivals Committee



This Saturday September 28 from 9-1 is the Pine Hill Waldorf School Michaelmas Festival. A Child's Nature has been invited to join in. 

At 9am, we will gather in the Bluebell Cottage Playyard and our children will receive their golden capes of courage. Then we will process with the big school to the auditorium for a play about a dragon conquered by a saint. It can be loud with lots of drumming. I think we are to sit in the balcony but we cannot sit with our age children in the first railling because of danger of falling over so don't sit in the front row of the balcony.

After the play we will have a snack break and then go to our play yards for a work day. Without enough forethought and money, we do not have any big projects to take up. Immediately we need hammers and drills.

A few outstanding jobs include; latches on gates that  do not function properly after just one month!, windows that are stuck open  in the storage shed, putting up shelves and tapestry, securing hinge on shed. If we had 20 birch logs about 10-14 inches in diameter and about 24 inches long, we could replace those around the sand box in BB cottage play area. Eventually we need a load of new sand. Someone could bring heavy duty eye screws to put up swings in the older play yard but we would have to have the dirt loosened to 8inches underneath.

After working together, we will then just have a nice picnic you have brought from home together before leaving for the day. Bring a blanket as well to sit on or chairs. Please invite grandparents to join us to visit the school since we will not have our separate grandparent day celebration during the week.



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