St Nicholas' Book of Good Deeds — A Child’s Nature, 2013

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L_: How clever your hands are, they can do many things! I have seen what a great big sister you are. Be sure to let others use their hands for their good work. I wish to see you be a friend to all.

D_: What a fine boy you are—helping teachers and others when asked. I wish to see you be kind to those younger than you are as well! Can you let a younger child go first or pull them in the wagon? I know you can.

A_: You make learning and playing games with you so much fun! Do your best to hear those around you even when you have something important to say as well. Your friends and teachers want to hear you too 

A_: Your kindness to friends at school is so important and you have good listening ears. It is touching to see you learn to like the vegetable soup by starting with the broth. Keep trying all the new foods and one day you will have many foods you like!

X_: How you have grown since last I saw you! You are taller, learning new games and having such fun with your friends! Keep work on using the potty yourself. You are doing great—it won’t be much longer.

R_: When I see you in your new school, it seems as if you have always been there! You are kind and helpful with children older and younger than yourself. Sometimes you are sad or grumpy when you wake up from your nap. I look forward to one day when you will be happy to see those around you as your eyes open.

C_: How glad your teachers and friends are that you have started in the Sunflower classroom! As the littlest Sunflower, the others will help you learn the ways of this garden!


E_: I see that you have learned to say “please” and “thank you”. You’ve also learned to share toys with your friends. I look forward to you using your words when things don’t happen as you imagine.

M_: I see you have also learned to share toys with your friends, and you are so good at taking turns for the swing. You are getting better at using all of your words to let teachers know what you need. Keep up the good work.

I_: You have learned all of your teachers’ and friends’ names so well! I see you playing and helping your teachers. Soon I hope to see you trying all of the food your mama and papa give you at lunch time.

M_: You have learned to climb the wooden cube, slide and triangle. You are also saying many new words. I wish for you to play where it is safe for you and not open gates or go through into places that are not safe.