St Nicholas' Book of Good Deeds — A Child’s Nature, 2014

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Bluebell Infants

 Good morning. I have been watching all the babies who have come to play in Bluebell Cottage.  It makes me happy to see how all the babies are friends and are happy just to see each other. 

P_ and E_:  You are both turning one year old and it is wonderful to see you starting to walk now.  You are so adventurous— P_ going up and down the toddler slide, and E_ climbing on the play sofa and table. 

M_ and F_:  You littler ones are getting stronger moving around on the floor, learning to sit, and F_ even pulling up to standing. You are both having fun eating food at the table now.

I will leave some gifts for you babies and your families.

 Bluebell Toddlers

I_:  When I came here last year, you had just turned 2 years old, and now you are 3 and such a big girl.  You’ve learned to put on your outdoor clothes yourself and put things away in your cubby and use the potty.  It makes me happy to see you being so kind to your friends, giving hugs and helping them, and making up games to play with them.  I hope that you will try to use a happy voice with your friends and teachers, and not be grumpy when things don’t go the way you want. 

L_:  I am glad you are having a good time here at your new school, especially playing outside with your new friends.  Now I wish that you will learn to enjoy snack and lunch with your friends, and eat all the good food. 

M_: The way you sing songs and do circle time now makes me happy. You can be a good helper to your teachers and friends. I see that you have learned how to take turns and share toys with your friends — even special toys from home. But you need to remember to be gentle, and not push your friends when they are in your way or take toys from their hands.

N_:  You are nice and gentle with your friends. You are also good at talking to friends and teachers now and telling them stories. I hope you will learn to lie quietly at naptime so you can get more sleep and be strong for playing.

B_:  I am glad that you are such a happy little boy, and have fun playing inside and outside every day. You are using a lot of words now and say your friend’s names.  You are a good helper to the teachers and like cleaning up.  I wish for you to listen to your teachers and come when they say it is time.  

A_:   You are so busy and happy playing and you like to see your friends when you come to school.  You eat all your good food at snack and lunch.  I hope that soon you will learn to use words, and be quieter when you need something.

 L_:  It is so nice you could come to visit today.  When I saw you last year you were in the Sunflower class upstairs, and now you are a big Kindergarten girl.  I know you are learning to do many new things there.  I hope you will remember to be kind to your brother, M_, so that he will copy you.

Good-bye until next year!

Sunflower Preschool

 A_:  How much you have grown up this year. You are putting yourself to sleep at naptime, and getting all your clothing on for outside play. I wish to see you continue your storytelling through your coloring 

M_:  You have used your hands so much this last year. The drawings you have made, the care and fun with the puppets and dolls. I wish for you to continue using crayons, paper, and scissors to make things with your hands.

E_:  What a fine woodman you have become this year, taking a wagon and always picking up fallen branches in the playground. My hope is that you will continue to be kind and loving, and make more music.

V_:  You have joined our class this year. You were shy, but not anymore. You have tried new crafts and adventures. You are also very helpful to the teachers. I wish to see you baking more good things this year.

D_:  You have the best smile, and even when you get sad you do not stay sad for long. You have the best giggle and you are really good at taking a breath with the teachers when you’re frustrated. I wish to see you be the first one dressed to go play outside to play.

X_:  Your hands have been playing with clay, block and puppets. You are very funny and your friends and teachers want to hear more of thing you want to say. I wish to see you play more games with the other boys. They could use your strong muscles.

 S_:  You have been falling asleep quickly at naptime. Your feet can keep up on the long walks with the teacher, and you are getting better at walking a log. My wish for you is to listen to your teachers and friends to help you try new things.

R_:  You make pretend games, and reading books to the other children makes it so much fun! You are always willing to help the teachers, and you help the other children all the time. My hope is that you learn more finger knitting 

Good-bye until next year!