October – Halloween Fun

A Child's Nature children from 15 months to 5 years old went trick or treating at the eight grades classrooms of the Pine Hill Waldorf School. At each classroom a trick had to be performed and then our children received a treat from that grade.

At each door they knocked and said, "Trick or Treat".

In the first grade the teacher said, "Can you sing a song?" Our children sang 'Oats peas beans and pumpkins grow' and for their treat they received two music rhythm sticks made by one of our teachers. The first graders sang a song they had been learning with rhythm sticks and so we used our rhythm sticks together.

In the second grade, after the knock and calling out "Trick or Treat",  the teacher asked, "Can you close your eyes and walk backwards three steps?" Once that was achieved the teacher gave a brief connection to the Martinmas Walk soon to come, the struggles of knowing where to go, how to get there in the dark and the helpfulness of having a light to guide you. A tea light for their paper lantern was given.

In grade three the trick was to see if the children could  turn around three times? The third graders blew up balloons with handles and gave one to each of the children.

After a relaxing snack break back in our classroom and the littlest ones heading down for a nap, we visited grade 6  where the children were asked, "Can you balance a bean bag on your head?" When they could, the teacher told them a story about a king and queen and  they each received a paper crown decorated by a 6th grader.

Next the children visited grade 8  where they were asked to perform a trick of catching and throwing? With the successful accomplishment, each was given a bean bag stitched by 8th graders in handwork.

In Grade 7 the children were asked if they could lift this heavy stool? At first they were hesitant but a brave little girl finally came forward and once she was successful, all others followed. They each received a heavy orange acorn squash to carry home.

Back in our own classroom, we had some down time with free play, Halloween circle fun and looked at the treats received.

Just around lunch break, we visited grade 5 who asked if the children could hop on one foot. When they succeeded, they were treated to some pumpkin bread made by the 5th grade.

On our way to grade 4, the children took a long walk through the rest of the building as we had never yet seen the full extent of our new surroundings.

Once at grade 4 they asked, "Can you say Happy Halloween with us!" Then grade 4 recited an acorn poem about being little but becoming a big oak tree and gave each of the children the poem and an acorn in a golden bag.

Our adventure through the school to meet each of the grades on Halloween was treasured by all.
Happy Halloween!