Birthday Celebrations at A Child’s Nature

Birthdays are a wonderful time for children both within their family life as well as their social life centered mainly now at A Child’s Nature. We place value on the individual within his or her community, learning about our personal strengths and strivings and celebrating our milestones and achievements.  Tolerance, compassion, and a joyful reverence for life are goals we set for your children and ourselves.

We will plan a monthly celebration within the Preschool and Infant/Toddler classrooms notated on your school calendar.  On this particular Monday, you are welcome to come and celebrate with us, each of the children born in that month. For the younger infants, each child will be celebrated individually so as not to overwhelm the babies. Your teachers will set a date with you. The celebration will be simple and reverent as we acknowledge the profound birth of each child and learn tiny bits about each of them. If you are able to attend the celebration, check with your class teachers. It will transpire around the morning snack, either before or after and may be different for each room.

We ask each of you as parents to remember one event for each of the child’s years of life, that either you can share personally or that the teacher can share on your behalf with the class.  These stories validate the uniqueness of each child and yet can be as common as the moment of crawling. We ask you not to bring or take photographs.  Another of our goals is to nurture the inner life of the human being and this takes place mostly during childhood.  Creating inner “pictures” is a part of that process.  This is done partially by story telling.

We will make our special cake with the children for the toddler and preschool rooms to eat at snack time.  If there are dietary concerns we will of course work with you.  Our cake uses spelt and oat flour, butter, maple syrup, milk, almond or vanilla extract, baking soda, and eggs.  

So you only need to do some remembering, notating, and come join us if you are able.

Thank you for sharing your children with us.