Pine Hill Child Care Center Biographies September 2012

Peggy Waterhouse, Center Director, has been working with the young child since 1984. At that time, she specialized in the infant and new parent skills, eventually working for UNICEF and the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Europe.  Returning to the US in 1996 brought her to the Pine Hill Waldorf School and the Kindergarten. There she was an assistant, lead teacher, early childhood department chairperson, and completed two years as chairperson of the faculty.  She received her Waldorf Certification in 2000 and her Master of Education degree at Antioch New England in 2001.  Ms. Waterhouse also holds an MA in Music specializing in Vocal Performance. The Pine Hill Child Care Center, founded in 2005, was conceived under Ms. Waterhouse’s leadership and it is with great enthusiasm that she continues this important joyful work. Ms. Waterhouse has been the director at the Center since August 2006.

Gail Agans, Office Manager, joined the PHCCC staff September 2011. She has worked at the Pine Hill Waldorf School since 2003. Having supported the Center all these years in synching the two schools books, Gail was delighted to take on the full business role of our office. Originally from Newton, MA, Gail graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain 4,000 Footer Club. Gail's daughters are both graduates of the Pine Hill Waldorf School.

Lynne Pentler has experienced Waldorf education from the parental side as her daughter attended Pine Hill from kindergarten through the eighth grade.  She believes that the protective nurturing of Waldorf style education and parenting prepares the children to go off into the world with confidence and compassion.  Lynne has a BA in philosophy and a BS in biochemistry and has worked in a variety of jobs from research in biology labs, technical writing, to co-managing the Pot of Gold retail arts and toy store at the Pine Hill Waldorf School. Her prior teaching experience consists of four years at a more traditional preschool, four years as a one on one special education aide at the middle school level, and lots of volunteer work in the classrooms at Pine Hill. Lynne has been an Associate Teacher at the Center since Summer 2006 working with all of our age groups. As of Fall 2010, Lynne has been the Lead Teacher of our Infant Program caring for babies ages 6wks-18months in our Moon Room. Summer 2012, Lynne completed the Birth to Three Teacher Training Course at Sophia's Hearth.

Rosario Mitusio-Wright was born in Bolivia. In 1977 she moved to California and became an early childhood teacher earning an Associates Degree in Early Childhood and a Waldorf Early Childhood Certificate. She has taught in public school, private school, Montessori, and for the past 22 years has been a Waldorf teacher. Three years ago Rosario and her family moved to New Hampshire to live and work at Plowshare Farm, a life-sharing community with disabled adults.  Living in Peterborough, Rosario became the Lead teacher of the Star Toddler Classroom at the PHCCC in January of 2012. This fall, Rosario splits her time by also leading an EC class at the Pine Hill Waldorf School.  Rosario is delighted to spend time in the PHCCC and looks forward to continuing her work with the children, staff and families.

Alisha Church began working as a young girl babysitting neighborhood children. Her love of children guided her to receive her Early Childhood Education Certificate from the Applied Technology Center at ConVal High School from which she graduated in 2007. Inspired by Lois Horan who introduced her to the ideals of Waldorf Education, Alisha has a deep desire to continue in the field of Early Childhood Education. She completed four courses from Granite State in Child Development and will take another course this fall. Alisha has been an Associate Teacher in the Center since 2007 and is full time in our Toddler room. Alisha loves the winter and spends free time snow boarding.

Trish Van Horn started at the PHCCC in her senior year at ConVal as part of the School to Career Program.  After completing her 5 month internship and graduating in 2007, she began working part-time and eventually became fulltime in our Infant Room. Trish has worked in the retail industry at Hallmark, construction industry, as well as the food industry at Grappelli’s. She particularly enjoyed her work for Tree Free Greetings in Keene, an all natural card making company which ships product all over the world. There she did accounting, order entry and collections. Trish has completed four early child courses from Granite State College which allows her to work as a full time Associate Teacher in both our Toddler and Infant Room.  She continues to take courses as she works toward an Associates Degree.

Carol Busch graduated from ConVal High School in 2009 with a certificate from the Early Childhood Education Program. Having done her internship here at PHCCC, Carol continued as a summer hire to grow herself as a student and teacher. She is very excited to have a permanent fulltime position in work she loves. Carol has been an Associate Teacher in all of our classrooms but is happy to be part of the Star team for the third year. This summer, Carol began working with the older children in our summer program for grades children and also as a Sun preschool support teacher. She completed several college courses while working here and is enrolled for another this fall.  Carol hopes to be the best teacher she can be with help from her co-workers, the parents, and of course the children.

Kim Duthie began working as a young girl babysitting neighborhood children. Her love of children guided her to receive her Early Childhood Education Certificate from the first class of the Applied Technology Center at ConVal High School from which she graduated in 1998. Kim has two children, the eldest of whom brought her to Waldorf education through the Cobb Meadow School where children are valued for their play and natural enthusiasm without the pressures of intellectual schooling. Kim continues in her quest to complete a M Ed by taking courses at nearby colleges and hopes to one day achieve her Waldorf certification as well. She has been an associate teacher for the Sun Preschool Room since 2010.

Sharon Harless operated her own child care center, Norah's Depot in Greenfield, NH from 1999-2011. Since deciding to close the business, she joined the PHCCC Infant Moon Room staff in May of 2011 and is learning more about Waldorf Education. Since moving to Lyndeborough 25 years ago, she has taught in the NH public school systems of Rindge and Lyndeborough as well as deaf students at the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center. Sharon earned two degrees at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, a BS in Early Childhood Education and a M Ed with specialization in Young Children with Special Needs. Sharon particularly enjoys sharing music and movement with young children and giving them a sense of community by collecting food and donations for both people and animals in need. In her leisure time, Sharon enjoys time with her husband Bruce and her dog Mercy. She loves to walk and garden. Sharon is loving life and feels very fortunate to be able to share it with so many families, children and dedicated teachers.

Alicia Rajaniemi graduated from ConVal High School in 2012 with a certificate from the Early Childhood Education Program. Having done her internship at the PHCCC for two years and also working afternoons at the Center, Alicia continued to grow as a student and teacher. She was hired as a regular part-time associate teacher in the summer of 2012 and she is very excited to have work in an environment that she loves. Alicia has spent time in all of the classrooms but is very happy to be working in the Sun Classroom as the afternoon support teacher. She is enrolled in her first college course this fall and is excited to start her career. Alicia hopes she can be the best teacher she can be with the help of her coworkers.

Jody Steele, a local New Hampshirite, began her relationship with the PHCCC and Waldorf Education in 2005 when enrolling her daughter Emma in our opening preschool classroom. As a single mom, she appreciated the holistic child care so she could work full time, while giving their small family a sense of community. As a trained early childhood teacher receiving her Associates Degree from Mt Wachusett Community College, Jody also contributed to our teaching staff as a regular substitute. Now, after beginning a new family with husband Tom and three more children, Jody joins the Infant Room as a regular part-time Associate teacher. Her three younger children, Ezekiel, Gabriel, and Sofie enjoy each of the classrooms set up for their age group. Emma also rejoins us afterschool from SMS. Jody is delighted to be "back" giving the rest of the children the great start in school Emma enjoyed.

Ashley Shannon graduated from Triform Camphill Community in June 2005. There she completed the home economics apprentice program learning about nutrition and flower arrangement. When Ashley moved up to New Hampshire in 2005, she was part of the initial work to prepare the Center to open its doors. Ashley has been working with the Star and Sun children, two days a week since our opening.  She loves to be with the children and enjoys her time with them thoroughly.  Ashley lives at Plowshare Farm in Greenfield, a special needs adult community where she also contributes to the well being of others.