Child Development

Toilet Learning

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An interest in using the toilet will naturally develop in children. It can be encouraged by joyfully reading about toileting and by observing parents and older children using the toilet.  Children want to fit in and will use the toilet sooner or later, it is important not to force or pressure a child about toileting.  Rushing the process only creates complications and will lengthen the amount of time it takes for a child to become "toilet trained."

Click the link below to learn more about toilet learning and the approach used at our school.

Toilet Learning at A Child's Nature

How Your Child Grows

Parents often hear teachers talk about developmentally appropriate activities, behaviors and milestones. Parents searching for care and education also notice many different educational philosophies expressing the importance of providing children with developmentally appropriate environments and activities. If parents do not have a basic understanding of child development, how are they supposed to make well-informed decisions about the environment and activities they create for their children both inside and outside their home?

The State of NH has created a very helpful tool called NH Early Learning Standards to help parents and teachers better understand the developmental ages and stages children experience birth through age 5.

They also provide basic guidance, regardless of philosophy, outlining essential components necessary for the healthy development of young children - these essential components should be present not only in the school environment, but are also important for parents to understand and strive to provide at home.

How Your Child Grows - Essential Components for the Healthy Development of Young Children

NH Early Learning Child Development Charts