Parent Participation


As A Child’s Nature tries to be the children’s home away from home, parents are an essential part of the life of the center.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to visit at anytime, first checking with the teacher what works best for the particular child. A breastfeeding mother may come into the infant class daily to nurse her baby. In addition to brief moments at pick up or drop off time or sending emails, parents can arrange to meet with teachers to talk about their child.

There are many ways for parents to be involved in the school life of their child. Once each month, we hold a Family Soup Night from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, where families and staff can share a simple meal together. These Soup Nights are combined with festival celebrations for the whole family or with parent education discussions, in which case child care is provided.

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There are also ample opportunities and need for volunteering. As a non-profit organization, we are dependant on outside financial support through fundraising and an Annual Campaign. Each year, we participate in several weekend fundraisers and community events, such as the Milford Pumpkin Festival.  Parents are also needed to serve on our Board of Trustees.

Please share your talents and time through volunteering.

In addition to talking to each other at pick-up and on the playground, parents can share their thoughts and photos of their children on our Facebook page. 

Parent Handbook (PDF file) 

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